Community is core to what makes Mirrorful special. All types of contributions are encouraged and valued. Come join our growing Slack community. We promise you’ll have fun!

Bugs and Issues

If you have a bug or an idea, browse the open issues before opening a new one. If you’re ready to tackle some open issues, we’ve collected some good first issues for you.

Local Development Guide

If you run into an issue, join our Slack community and we’ll help you out!

Mirrorful has a web app and server project. Mirrorful’s core logic lives in packages/core.

After cloning the repo, we can install all dependencies and run the web app:

# In project root
cd apps/web; yarn; yarn dev;

Before running the server, in a seperate terminal window, you’ll need to install mongodb and run it in the background:

# In project root
cd packages/server; brew tap mongodb/brew; brew install mongodb-community@6.0; mongod --dbpath ./db/data

Finally, in a separate terminal window, run the Mirrorful server:

# In project root
cd packages/server; yarn; yarn dev;

How else can I help?

  • Star the project

  • Tweet about it

  • Refer this project in your project’s README

  • Mention the project at local meetups and tell your friends/colleagues

Got any questions? Please reach out to for more info. Thank you!